Do You Dream of Having Some Time for Yourself?

  • To sort out a question that's weighing on your mind or in your heart?
  • To rest and relax?
  • To be in nature?
  • To come home to yourself?
  • To find new insights about your path forward?

Refer to List of Retreat Topics to explore the kind of retreat you want to give yourself.

Questions to Consider

As you begin to think about designing your own retreat, imagine the experience you want to have and the reason you are feeling called to go on a retreat.

1) How do you want to spend your time during your retreat?

  • Personal time to rest, relax, decompress, unwind, think, be
  • Retreat time to explore, deepen, inspire, learn, create

2) How many full days would you like to reserve for an unhurried, nourishing, regenerative experience?

3) What is calling you to create a getaway retreat? Are you:

  • Struggling with a personal or professional transition?
  • Wanting to nurture your relationship with yourself?
  • Seeking a deeper connection with the natural world?
  • Needing to get away from the busyness of your life?
  • Having a hard time coping with the ever-changing world?

4) What is your budget for your getaway retreat?


Your Retreat Guides

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

When you embark on a personal retreat on your own you may experience a bit of uneasiness. You may not know how to use your time, what questions to ask, how to pull together the insights you gain. Sometimes this feeling may be so uncomfortable that you never actually go on your retreat. 

We are here to help you design the essential quality of your retreat. We'll guide you as your retreat unfolds in the moment as relevant topics, questions, and discoveries arise.

Between us we have more than 50 years of experience in the areas of:

Nick Turner, C.E.T

Nick Turner, C.E.T

  • Navigating transitions
  • Gaining clarity
  • Understanding your deep nature
  • Creating a life and work that align with your values and interests
  • Intuitive exploration
  • Spiritual exploration
  • Creative pursuits
  • Tapping into nature's wisdom and inspiration
  • And more.