Here's How It Works

Making Your Decision

We are happy to set up a time to talk with you about your desires for your retreat and answer any questions you may have about how it will work. When you are ready, you can reach out to us to set up your retreat.

Setting the Stage for Your Retreat

Pre-Retreat Conversation - Each retreat begins before you leave home. We meet by Zoom conference call or phone to help you bring your intentions into focus. As we understand your situation and your hopes, we'll collaborate with you to customize a retreat to reflect your desires.

Deepening Your Insights During Your Retreat

Opening Session - During our first onsite session we'll collaborate with you to set the tone and focus of your retreat. Together we'll review the menu of retreat activities to identify the kinds of experiences that will help you explore and connect with new insights.

Personal Time - Spend as much time as you want on your own. Enjoy your private room, walk the land, venture into the woods across the road, take a soak in the hot tub, take a restorative nap.

Retreat Time - We have a menu of retreat activities you can choose from to deepen your retreat experience. You don't need to know ahead of time what you will choose. In fact, the list is meant to be a resource so that you can select the retreat activities that intrigue you in the moment. Our conversation in the Opening Session will provide you with a few suggestions.

You may choose to have a very unstructured retreat with only one activity from the menu, or you may select several activities and weave in personal time to integrate and synthesize what you discover.

The Activities Menus give you a sense of the kinds of experiences you may choose from during your retreat

Self-Discovery Menu

Expressive Art Experiences
Touch Healing
Divination Tools
Strengthen Transition Skills, including the Seasons of Change
Enneagram Explorations
In Depth Life Path Exploration
Clarity Boost
Nature's Wisdom Walk

Nature Experiences Menu

Experience the Natural World
Natural Art Experiences
Divination Tools, including Nature's Wisdom Deck
Guided Nature Experiences
Nature's Wisdom Walk

Closing Session - Before you leave we'll have a session to pull together and synthesize all you've experienced. We'll collaborate to create a list of your next steps and suggestions for re-entering your life after your retreat.

Following Up on Your Retreat

Follow Up Session - After you return home, you have the option to have a coaching session to help you bring your retreat insights into your li