Open the Path to Your New Chapter

You are on the verge of starting a new chapter in your life.

Your new chapter may involve:

  • Starting a new relationship

  • Celebrating a milestone birthday (or any birthday)

  • Stepping into a new position or career

  • Relocating to a new area

  • Choosing to make a significant change in your life

  • Navigating an anniversary of a significant event

You are excited about what's ahead, but you can't quite shake the feeling that something isn't quite right.

  • You might feel a sense of dread that makes you want to put the brakes on your plans.

  • You may be procrastinating, which means you aren't taking actions to move forward.

  • You may be so worried about what's ahead that you can't commit yourself to your vision.

The feelings you are having are signs that something about your current plan isn't working for you.

You may have invested a lot of time and energy to get to this point in creating your new chapter. Rather than tossing out your entire plan, let's investigate what's underneath the feelings you are having. It's entirely possible that with a new perspective, a tweak to your vision, some preparation, and a new plan you'll be able to step forward into your new chapter with confidence and enthusiasm.

Stepping into the world in a new way provides you with a precious opportunity to choose, to decide, to claim the way you will live moving forward.

Taking time to review the events of the recent past brings gifts of insight and discovery. Celebrating  experiences that brought you joy, love, and hope. Grieving the moments that didn't take you where you thought you would go, that brought losses, conflict, or even despair. All of these experiences have gifts for you if you are mindful and aware.

As you release and step beyond what has been, you have the opportunity to open to the new possibilities ahead. Sure, you could just continue living life as you have, but that is not required. You have a choice to deepen your path, to enliven your experiences, to choose the intention you want to hold as you move into our new chapter.

Are you ready to embark
on a journey of discovery
to set the tone for the way
you'll live into Your New Life?

The Arc of the Retreat

Note: We strongly recommend planning
at least two full retreat days for this deepening experience.

Explore the deep moments of the recent past

  • Claim the gems: The insights and discoveries about how you changed through this time.

  • Learn to recognize when something is just beginning.

  • Spot and celebrate new seedlings that are sprouting.

  • Learn to recognize when something has run its course.

  • Identify and acknowledge the constraints holding you in place.

Use the present to transform and discover

  • Gain new skills to pivot what doesn't work into what does.

  • Receive insights into what's possible.

  • See new connections that open new doors.

  • Experience ways of being that give you a deeper, more aligned life.

  • Discover what resonates with your deep nature.

Lean into the themes and gifts of your new chapter

  • Find the energy that is yours to live.

  • Claim the themes that reflect how you want to live.

  • Create a memento to bring this energy home with you.

  • Envision how to bring each theme into your life.

What Happens During Your Retreat?

The retreat begins at home with a short questionnaire and pre-retreat conversation so that we may customize your retreat experience to align with your personal desires. Then you'll use a few specific prompts to review your recent past.

Your mulit-day retreat will be a blend of guided experiences, collaborative exploration, personal deepening, and opportunities for creative expression. We'll co-create a customized series of experiences inspired by what we discover together.

After your retreat, we'll have a follow-up session via Zoom conference call or phone call to help you bring what you've discovered into your life.

Setting up Your Retreat

Check out our retreat location

Design your retreat (Note: We strongly recommend planning at least two full retreat days for this deepening experience.)


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