Navigating Change in Uncertain Times

A change has rocked your world.

  • An external event may have set off the change in your life, the life of a loved one, your home, or your region.

  • Or the change was sparked by a shift within as you aligned with new values, new desires, or new decisions.

If the transition or collection of transitions you experienced was significant, you may still feel the aftershocks as the internal earthquake touches various areas of your life.

You've been doing your best to make sense of what's happened, but you aren't sure:

  • What to do next

  • How to take care of yourself

  • How to get your life back on track

  • What to do with all the emotions you are feeling

  • How to make decisions again

  • How to know what you want

With all that is going on in your life, you may feel numb, angry, sad, confused, hurt, and out of sorts.

I understand. I have been through two periods of my life where I experienced wave after wave of changes. Some I chose, others I did not.

In the three weeks after I completed my Ph.D, I graduated, relocated cross country, found my first apartment, purchased my first car, and started my first corporate job. All the while my father’s health was suffering. Four months later my father passed away after an 18 month bout with cancer.

Several years later, there was another wave of significant changes that unfolded over several years. This sequence started with the death of an elderly grandfather, my own diagnosis of chronic fatigue and burnout, and the death of my other grandfather. The next year I left my corporate position to start my business, and supported my mom through a couple of surgeries and contributed to care giving for my grandmother. Just as I thought things were finally settling down, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer.
— Carol McClelland Fields, Author of The Seasons of Change: Using Nature's Wisdom to Grow Through Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs

Any one of your transitions is enough to put you off your game. If you are experiencing multiple transitions at once, your sense of overwhelm, confusion, and pain will likely escalate. Turbulent times in the world around you add even more layers of unknowns to the picture.

Several months after my father's death, I happened to notice a tree that had been bare was suddenly blossoming. I remember saying, I hope I blossom again someday. In that moment I realized I could gain hope, inspiration, and guidance from nature. I had always been a close observer of the natural world. Noticing all the ways nature respond to the change of seasons gave me strategies I could use to heal from the transitions I was facing.

In the years that followed, I shared the nature metaphors and wisdom I had relied on for my own healing using a model I named the Seasons of Change. My clients felt better knowing where they were on their own journey through the seasons and how to navigate their own healing journeys.

Are you ready to Tap into
nature's wisdom to gain
new perspectives about How to
Navigate the Transitions you face?

The Arc of the Retreat

Note: We strongly recommend planning
at least two full retreat days for this deepening experience.

Identify where you are

  • Find your current location(s) on the Seasons of Change Map.

  • Explore where you have been to unearth new perspectives about the past.

  • Identify where you are right now, which will provide a starting point for our work together during your retreat.

  • Preview where you are headed to gather the resources you need as you move forward.

  • Acknowledge the detours you've experienced on your journey.

Enhance your transition skills

  • Pinpoint a few key skills to help you navigate the current and next phases of your journey.

  • Learn these skills and put them into action while you are on retreat.

Connect with your deep nature

  • Release what's holding you back.

  • Reconnect with who you are.

  • Explore who you are becoming.

  • Identify what you value.

  • Begin to connect with the life you want to create.

Catch sparks of new insights

  • Discover your new story that allows you to pivot to what's ahead.

  • Uncover unexpected connections, patterns, and perspectives.

  • Practice ways to open yourself to catch new insights as they appear.

Look forward

  • Find steps you can take to move forward on your journey.

  • Think through ways to boost the support you receive.

  • Lay out additional skills you can develop to ease your journey.

What Happens During Your Retreat?

The retreat begins at home with four short questionnaires and pre-retreat conversation so that we may customize your retreat experience to align with your personal needs and desires.

Your multi-day retreat will be a blend of guided experiences, collaborative exploration, personal deepening, and opportunities for creative expression. We'll co-create a customized series of experiences inspired by what we discover together.

After your retreat, we'll have a follow-up session via Zoom conference call or phone call to help you bring what you've discovered into your life. (Additional follow coaching is available if desired.)

Setting up Your Retreat

Check out our retreat location

Design your retreat (Note: We strongly recommend planning at least two full retreat days for this deepening experience.)


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