Nature Immersion Experience

Do you long for a more intimate connection with the natural world?

Do you want to align your life more closely with the ways of nature?

Do you feel the spiritual call of nature?

Do you seek greater scientific understanding of the natural world?

This Nature Immersion Experience gives you the opportunity to explore a variety of ecosystems on our five acre property in a rural valley in northwest Oregon. We have easy access to walking and hiking trails in forests, along creeks, in wetlands, through old growth forests, and around a lake. Beautiful surroundings in all four seasons.

Through a series of guided and personal excursions you'll discover new ways of interacting with the natural world. As you share your experiences with us, we'll explore ways you can deepen your connection even more.

Benefits of Being in Nature

  • Psychological benefits - peace, tranquility, relaxation

  • Physical benefits - detoxification, fresh air, sunlight, movement, exercise, grounding, sensory awakening

  • Intellectual benefits - observational skills, scientific understanding, species identification, practical nature wisdom, foraging

  • Spiritual benefits - release of assumptions, clearer perceptions, connection with nature's wisdom, delight in interactions with creatures, unity with All That Is

Your guides during this immersion experience are Carol McClelland Fields and Nick Turner. Each has cultivated their own connection with the natural world.

  • Carol has always been an avid observer of the natural world. Her four-year stint in graduate school in Indiana introduced her to living in the four seasons. After her father died she turned to nature for healing and guidance. Nature's wisdom provided metaphors that helped her heal and find her way again. Relocating to Oregon and living on Willowspring has brought her back to living in a four season climate full of delightful encounters with the natural world.

  • Nick has been a life-long learner in all areas of science and nature. In his youth he spent hours alone exploring the chaparral surrounding his home. His curiosity, knowledge, and love of the natural world have always been guiding influences. He has shared his knowledge as a science teacher, professional tutor, and as science director for a summer camp. He enjoys awakening others to the mysteries and wonders of nature. Several years before relocating to Oregon, Nick began exploring naturalistic gardening and ecosystem design. At Willowspring he is now using the same techniques to create beautiful gardens and a thriving, naturally evolving nature preserve.

Are you ready to Immerse
yourself in the Natural World?

The Arc of the Retreat

Your retreat will include a selection of activities described below
based on your needs and interests.

Open yourself to nature

  • Take a mindful walk to become familiar with the landscape.

  • Explore blocks, fears, and other influences that limit your experience.

  • Deepen your understanding of how you want to relate with nature.

Develop a personal relationship with the natural world

  • Find a new depth of intimacy with the natural world.

  • Engage all your senses.

  • Dive into direct experience of nature.

  • Experience deepening meditations created for you.

  • Explore an old growth forest, a riparian marsh, a vernal pond, and other ecosystems.

  • Take a Nature's Wisdom Walk.

Integrate knowledge of nature into your life

  • Learn how natural systems work.

  • Understand the practical benefits of nature.

  • Identify plants and creatures.

What Happens During Your Retreat?

The retreat begins at home with a short questionnaire and pre-retreat conversation so that we may customize your nature immersion experience to align with your personal desires.

Your retreat will be a blend of guided experiences, collaborative exploration, personal deepening, and opportunities for creative expression. We'll co-create a customized series of experiences inspired by what we discover together.

After your retreat, we'll have a follow-up session via Zoom conference call or phone call to help you bring what you've discovered into your life and continue to deepen your understanding and relationship with the natural world.

How to Design Your Retreat

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