We Live in Uncertain Times

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Changes that are a normal part of life become more difficult when experienced against the backdrop of increased uncertainty.

Regional economic changes and natural disasters along with unknowns in the national and international spheres bring additional levels of stress due to their widespread impact and our inability to have any control over the outcome.

If you are going through any changes in your life, you are likely to be feeling this increased sense of uncertainty even more acutely than those around you.

No matter what changes you are going through, it's likely you're experiencing some degree of shock, feelings of helplessness, and concern about your future.

With this new information about navigating change in times of uncertainty and a variety of reconnecting self-care activities, you can begin to sort out your path forward.

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50 Deep Self-Care Activities
for Those Navigating Change in Uncertain Times

By Reading this 20 Page eBook...

  • You'll understand how normal life changes are different these days.
  • You'll see why you are having such a difficult time making sense of what is happening.
  • You'll find out how increased uncertainty in our world may be impacting you and your life.
  • You'll uncover why sudden life shifts are so unsettling.
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This colorful, easy-to-read eBook also gives you 50 activities you can use to reconnect with yourself and your life when so much around you feels unsettled and uncertain. Explore the full range of ideas to discover what activities bring you a sense of calm and glimmers of hope about yourself and your situation.

  • Re-establish your own center
  • Connect with the natural world and celestial constants
  • Get moving again
  • Express yourself
  • Make new choices about how you live your life

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