Change Catalysts and Entrepreneurs:

Are you craving time away from your life and business
to write, plan, strategize, and create?


How might you and your work benefit by having...

  • A quiet, uninterrupted period of time to yourself in a comfortable space in a beautiful setting?

  • Time to rest, think, and create as you feel inspired?

  • The opportunity to step outside to clear your head, wander in a beautiful pastoral scene or take a hike in a forest?

  • A variety of outdoor sitting areas available to you to connect with nature, think, and be?


Questions to Consider

As you begin to think about designing your own retreat, imagine the experience you want to have and the reason you are feeling called to go on a retreat.

1) How do you want to spend your time during your retreat?

  • Personal time to rest, relax, decompress, unwind, think, be

  • Retreat time to write, plan, deepen, inspire, learn, create

2) What is your intention for your retreat time?

  • Do you want to work on a specific writing project?

  • Would you like to have time to think through your vision and explore some new ideas that are bubbling to the surface?

  • Are you seeking clarity about your business as a whole or a new project or service?

  • Do you want to create a plan for the upcoming quarter or year?

3) How many full days would you like to reserve for an unhurried, nourishing, regenerative experience?

One Tip: We've heard from other retreat guests that it's very helpful to give yourself one or more days at the beginning of your retreat to arrive, step away from the hustle and bustle of your every day life, and ground yourself in the present. Giving yourself this "extra" time will allow you to be more productive throughout your entire retreat.

4) What is your budget for your Entrepreneur Retreat?


Here's How it Works

After you arrive and settle in we'll get together to give you a brief introduction to Willowspring. We'll make sure you have what you need in your retreat room, the kitchen, and pointers about where to go around the property and in the area.

You are welcome to spend your time as you wish: working on your own schedule, relaxing, finding inspiration for your muse, napping. As mentioned above, give yourself some time to arrive and settle before you expect yourself to be productive.

Let us know how you'd like to interact on any given day. If you want a retreat day with no interaction, let us know. If you appreciate some interaction during your breaks or at meals, let us know. We'll take our cues from you.

Extra Support For Clarity

If you feel stuck during your retreat, reach out! There are several ways we can support you in finding a creative way through your block so you can gain clarity and make progress.

Clarity Boost Sessions with Carol - No matter what you are pondering or where you are in developing your ideas and business, if you would like to talk through your stuck point or expand how you are thinking about your work, we can set up a Clarity Boost Session. After you share the background and parameters of your situation, you and Carol will collaborate using a series of questions to surface more information, bringing a new sense of structure to the scenario, and expanding the context within which you are considering your question. Often a slight shift in perspective opens up new layers of clarity that allow you to move forward with more confidence. The first session will be $300. If you'd like to continue the conversation later in your retreat, the second session will be $250. At the close of each session, you'll receive the notes we create and a set of questions to help you continue to move forward. If you are unfamiliar with Carol's work as a Clarity Catalyst, visit her Flourish with Clarity site.

Enneagram Exploration with Nick - Connect with your own deep nature through the Enneagram to discover insights about your talents, traps, and patterns. If you are curious to learn more about the Enneagram, visit Nick's Intuitive Enneagram site.

Nature's Wisdom Walk with Carol - If you'd like to take a deeper dive to connect with your core focus more deeply, consider incorporating a Nature's Wisdom Walk into your retreat. This walk is more than a casual walk where you look at the scenery. On this walk you are mindful about the details you experience. When you share your story after your walk, you and Carol will explore your story to find layers of insight in the form of metaphors, repeated themes, and patterns that give you insights about your chosen focus and your business journey.

Carol will guide you each step of the way:

  • Framing your focus question

  • Helping you choose a place to walk

  • Setting a framework for a mindful walk

  • Listening to you share the story of your walk

  • Finding meaning in your experience that speaks to your focus question

If you know you'd like to participate in one or more of these activities, let's talk about your interests when we discuss your desired retreat experience. Carol and Nick may have availability during your retreat as well.

Other Resources and Support available

If you are navigating a difficult change in your life or business or you are interested in understanding your own deep nature more thoroughly, you may be interested in exploring our other Retreat Topics.

Explore our Activity Menus to see if there are other elements you'd like to weave into your retreat time.

Setting Up Your Retreat

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