Design Your Own Retreat

We realize setting aside time for a retreat and choosing to invest in yourself is an important decision. To help you envision your retreat, we've created this series of pages to walk you through the process.

What Do You Want? - Before you begin looking at what you'll experience during your retreat, take a few moments to ask yourself what you want from your retreat experience. We've included several questions to help you frame your retreat vision.

How It Works - All of our retreats follow a similar arc. Within this overall structure, the activities and focus are personalized to align with your needs, desires, and goals. Reading this page will help you envision how your retreat will unfold.

Retreat Location - In addition to knowing we are located in Northwest Oregon in a rural valley just north of Corvallis, you no doubt want to know what it will feel like to stay here for your retreat. This page provides a short description and photos of our home, our property, and our valley. Take a tour to get a sense of the beauty and ambiance of our location.

Retreat Logistics - As you think about your retreat, several questions are likely to come to mind. Where is this retreat located? How do I get there? How will the food work? This page will give you information to help resolve your questions. We are also happy to talk with you about your retreat

Setting Up Your Retreat - Use this page to set up a call with us to discuss your retreat goals and desires. For instance, if you like parts of two different retreats, we can work with you to blend those topics during your retreat.

After You Reserve Your Retreat - We'll send you the password to this page to provide you with details about where to find us and what to bring with you to enhance your retreat experience.