Self-Discovery Retreat Activities

Keep in mind, you don’t need to choose anything at this time.

We offer this list to give you a sense of the range of possibilities available during your retreat. When we are here together we'll be able to review the list to find the activities that will best align with your personal style, questions, and goals.

Expressive Art Experiences

One way to move energy through or claim a new insight is to express what you are feeling through a piece of art. If you'd like help finding a focus for your expressive art, we can assist.

  • Nature Art - use natural materials to create a mandala or cairn.

  • Express on Paper - We have a supply of art materials you are welcome to use. (Feel free to bring your own favorites with you too!)

Touch Healing

Sometimes blocks can be released with some body work. We have two options to choose from.

  • Eutactic Clearing – This energy healing modality involves light touch to clear knots of energy.

  • On Site Massage – With advanced notice we can make an appointment with an experienced massage therapist. Your massage would take place in your room, completely private. (You pay massage therapist directly.)

Divination Tools

When you want to explore a topic you can't quite wrap your mind around or you have questions weighing on your heart and mind, use one of these divination tools. Each of these tools will help you access imagery, symbols, and concepts relevant to your focus. Don't worry if you've never used these tools before, we'll walk you through the process and guide you as you uncover the insights they have to offer.

  • Nature’s Wisdom Deck – Based on the Seasons of Change, this deck of cards gives you access to nature metaphors that can provide hope and direction if you are navigating a time of transition in your life.

  • Tajalli Reading – A powerful form of card divination using an open-ended deck of evocative symbols and images, based on intuitive principles.

  • Crystal Ball Reading – This joint meditative activity allows you to tap into subconscious imagery and symbols.

Strengthen Transition Skills

If you are participating in one of our Deep Nature Retreats, it's likely you are navigating or creating a transition of some sort or another. Although change is one of life's constants, most of us have had little guidance on how to make changes naturally, nor have we developed skills we can use to move more gracefully through these times of change.

In your Opening Session we'll explore Carol's Seasons of Change map to help you identify where you are in your journey. When we know what Season you are in, we can then tap into a set of relevant activities and experiences to help you gain insights and develop skills to improve your resilience and self-confidence amidst changes in your life and the world.

  • Seasons of Change Activities - Each Season highlights different metaphors and actions. As we explore your situation, we'll see what's relevant and timely for you to focus on.

  • Clearing Blocks to Clarity - Decrufting and releasing various areas of your life (physical, actions, mental, emotional) is one of the best ways to open the way for new insights.

  • Definition of Success - Exploring the way you and your parents have defined success gives you the opportunity to release what's no longer relevant to you and write an entirely new definition of success for yourself.

  • Heart Magnet - Your Heart Magnet is the feeling or sensation that tells you that you are drawn to something or repelled. Knowing this internal communication system and strengthening the signals is essential if you want to create a life and work you love.

  • Anniversary - When you find it is difficult to move through a transition, you may be experiencing an anniversary response. In this situation each pass through the year triggers your emotions on key dates. With some detective work and discussion, we can often give you the tools you need to rewrite your anniversaries or at least be aware of what's happening so you aren't blindsided again next year.

  • Meditations - Exploring a variety of centering and deepening meditations can add new levels of resilience to the way you navigate times of change. The meditations you can explore with Nick include a guided nature meditation, still point, panoramic awareness, Vipassana, and others.


Enneagram Explorations

The ancient and profoundly powerful enneagram symbol is a model of human personality and other evolving systems. Nick is a Certified Enneagram Teacher (Riso/Hudson) with more than 25 years of experience using the enneagram to help people understand themselves and others. You are invited to learn about the system and how to use it for practical improvements in your life. Whether you are a beginner or an expert, you will find these activities fascinating and revealing. If you are an expert, we can go much, much deeper — into the most esoteric, profound spiritual truths at the core of the system.

  • Intro to Enneagram

  • Enneagram Profile

  • Enneagram TV Time

  • Enneagram movie night (with your favorite movie or our choice)

  • In depth personal Enneagram exploration


In-Depth Life Path Exploration

One way to find new insights about your current situation is to have an in-depth exploration session with one or both of us. As we listen to your experience, we'll tap into our models (Seasons of Change, Enneagram, and other tools we use) to ask clarifying questions, see patterns, identify inconsistencies and gaps, and surface previously unasked questions. You will get a taste of the way we work in the Opening Session. If you'd like to take a deeper dive this activity may be a good option for you.

Clarity Boost

If you are struggling with a question or trying to sort through options, request a Clarity Boost session with Carol. After you share the background and parameters of your situation, you and Carol will collaborate using a series of questions to surface more information, bringing a new sense of structure to the scenario, and expanding the context within which you are considering your question. Often a slight shift in perspective opens up new layers of clarity that allow you to move forward with more confidence.

Nature's Wisdom Walk

Nature provides great wisdom whether it is seeing how a plant adapts to the change of season or an animal graces you with its presence. If you'd like to connect with nature and your core focus more deeply, consider going on a Nature's Wisdom Walk. This walk is more than a casual walk where you look at the scenery. On this walk you are mindful about the details you experience. When you share your story upon your return, you and Carol will explore your story to find layers of insight in the form of metaphors, repeated themes, and patterns that give you insights about your chosen focus.

Carol will guide you each step of the way:

  • Framing your focus question

  • Helping you choose a place to walk

  • Setting a framework for a mindful walk

  • Listening to you share the story of your walk

  • Finding meaning in your experience that speaks to your focus questi