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About Carol

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC  Author of The Seasons of Change

Carol McClelland Fields, PhD, BCC

Author of The Seasons of Change

Although Carol's early life was defined by a variety of academic achievements and milestones, her professional direction came into focus through a series of three personal transitions.

Soon after she completed her PhD in Organizational Psychology at Purdue University and started her first corporate position, her father died as the result of an illness. When overwhelmed by the emotions and realities of this event she turned to nature as her guide to navigating this time of change. She didn't know it then, but eventually the insights that brought her healing and hope would become her Seasons of Change model.

Several years later, she experienced a bout of deep fatigue. Even a ten minute walk with her dog put her in bed for three or four hours. Not even thirty, she realized this was no way to live! Instinctively she knew that she needed to work in a way that allowed her to move at her own pace on her own schedule. This insight gave her a glimpse of how important it is to navigate live using your deep nature as a guide.

As she started to heal, she began searching for her next chapter. She was obsessed with figuring out her next focus. After a long journey of discovery, she decided to start her own business helping others navigate difficult times of transition. Her first offering was a workshop called "Craving a Career Change." While working with clients she discovered new questions and activities that helped clients gain clarity about the specific work they wanted to do.

In the years since these three scenarios unfolded, Carol has worked with a number of clients seeking clarity about their career and navigating difficult life transitions. She's written several books, including The Seasons of Change: Using Nature's Wisdom to Grow through Life's Inevitable Ups and Downs, Your Dream Career For Dummies, and Green Careers For Dummies. Carol also trains and coaches Change Catalysts who use their expertise to help their clients create and navigate changes in their personal and professional lives.


About Nick

Nick Turner, CET Author of Enneagram 101

Nick Turner, CET
Author of Enneagram 101

From an early age Nick felt like an outsider. People were mysterious, fascinating, and scary. During a 3-decade career as a high-end software designer his confusion and naivete about ordinary life led him into many difficult situations. He became a workshop junkie, sometimes ending up in groups that were nothing like what he expected. He learned that not all "spiritual" people are what they claim to be. Still, Nick remained a passionate seeker.

In the late 80s Nick encountered a psycho-spiritual model called the enneagram. It was the first model of human psychology that actually made sense to him. He looked into the profound mystery at the core of the system, and discovered levels of truth that still unfold to this day. The enneagram turned Nick's life around. It is a kind of scaffold, a structure that explains how people differ and how they are the same. Suddenly, he became able to understand what it might be like to be someone else.

Nick found a wonderful pair of teachers named Don Riso and Russ Hudson. He remains grateful to them for their teaching and personal guidance during that time. In 1992 Nick became one of the first Riso-Hudson Certified Enneagram Teachers (CET).

Nick has studied with teachers of various spiritual traditions, including Taoism, Buddhism, Sufism, and several modern paths. In addition he has deep knowledge in many fields of science and nature. Since 1992 he has offered a variety of workshops, personal sessions, talks, and writings in many subjects.

In addition to his work with retreat clients and Enneagram clients, Nick is the property manager at Willowspring, where he practices naturalistic gardening and is creating a beautiful nature preserve.


About Kent

Kent, Carol's husband, is our photographer, graphic consultant, and marketing strategist. Many of the photographs on this site are his.

In addition to his photography, he also keeps the household going, builds what we need, and takes care of the guest room. If you need anything while you are here, he's a good person to reach out to.


About Our Animals

Aspen (Carol and Kent's dog) and Stella (Nick's cat) are part of the family. Thankfully, after a rough beginning, they've made friends. Whenever they run across each other, inside or outside, they greet each other with a nose kiss. In the colder months, they can sometimes be found snuggled up together.

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We are also happy to have the Power Puff Girls on site too. Come spring we'll be adding a few more chickens to our flock.

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